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Games are Fun,
Knowledge is Power -
Let's Combine the Two.

hi. this is the beginning of Mira LUX Creations.

We believe in playful learning, scientainment and serious games.

Mira LUX Creations is an independent Serious Game Studio founded August 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland. Our team is specialized in the creation of educational games (Serious Games) and gamified applications. We are happy to support you in consulting, conception and the implementation of game-based applications in the areas of education, social impact, awareness and health.

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Playful communication – from gamifications to serious games

PROJEKT CH+ Games for Democracy

Since 2019, we are working with the Zurich University of the Arts to develop playful voting aids that invite people to learn out about political candidates during elections. The development of the voting aids is based on co-design: more than 600 people have helped to create the concepts. Thanks to a partnership with smartvote, CH+ enables users to explore their own political views and find politicians who suit them.

CH+ Election App

Focus on usability

With the CH+ Election App, we focus on user-friendliness. Explore the candidates and create your political Dream Teams via drag & drop. You are in charge.

DOPE Elections

Focus on entertainment

DOPE Elections is… dope. This voting aid is all about having fun. DOPE Elections is designed for younger voters who don’t have much to do with politics – just yet.

Welcome to the World of Serious Games!


With the progress of medical devices there are also more possibilities to support patients emotionally on their way to recovery. In the example of “The Symphony of Vincent”, walking exercises are transformed into opera concerts in which patients control the vocal cords of a world-famous opera singer.

Museums & History

Games make it possible to experience history and culture from the comfort of your own home. They can prepare museum visitors for their museum experience or enable them to enjoy the memories of their visit by referring to objects from museum exhibitions.

Training & Education

Games and especially VR applications are powerful tools when it comes to efficient training in a safe environment. The game environment can be realistic (simulation) or completely imaginary. In “The Factory Groove”, CPR training is taught by robots and 80’s disco music.

What We Do


Could playful communication enrich your work? We would be happy to advise you.


Together with you we create concepts that communicate effectively, interactively and playfully.


We turn your project into reality.

Our Team

Sophie Walker

Sophie Walker


The founder of Mira LUX Creations and creator of CH+ Games for Democracy. MA in Game Design in Zürich University of the Arts.

Oliver Detig

Oliver Detig


BA Game Design in Zürich University of the Arts. In his code, he’s happy to optimize every detail.

Lily Bickerstaffe

Lily Bickerstaffe


B.Sc in Biology at the Imperial College London. Lily likes to write clean code for things that matter to her.


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